"Directing is just another expression of being an artist, working in a collaborative medium with other like-minded free spirits."

As an athlete Chris has traveled the globe, back and forth again, filming segments with the industries leading production companies. With years spent on the front side of the lens he started his own production company with a few close friends, launching Nimbus Independent. Several award-winning films later this experience provided the perfect segue into creating a new venture as a solo production house in collaboration with Flagship Independent, focused on the development and creation of custom content, Feature films, and commercial media projects.

“Chris, as an artist and a filmmaker, sees things in new ways that bring new dimensions to music and art,” said Mickey Hart, Dead & Co and Grateful Dead's longtime drummer. “I am thrilled to be part of his latest project, getting to play on top of Mammoth in the middle of the night was surreal. It felt like heaven; I was deeply moved by the experience.” –Mickey hart