Size: 18" x 9" : Signed Giclee Print on Breathing Color Elegance Watercolor Paper


*Photosynthesis and ChloroBlast were originally intended to live side by side, but can easily be a stand alone piece. They would still come as two sepperate prints, but can also be framed as one big panoramic. 


This piece is another take on how Mother Nature and Old Man Winter connect through each other, the land, animals, trees, waves, weather and humans. I've loss count of the collab's with Skye Walker, which is becoming a very fun trend. We feed off eachother very well, and have styles that seem to compliment one another. We will keep them coming!


SKU: 018
  • For Chris Benchetler of Mammoth Lakes, Ca., skiing has always held a close relation to art. The way he sees the mountain and uses his creativity to draw lines down a blank mountain canvas. In 08/09 Atomic Skis saw his creativity and offered him the opportunity to design his first pair of pro model skis—The Bent Chetler—now 10 years later he has been able to explore a whole new side of his career, one rooted in artistic creativity. Diving into creating the graphics for topsheets, in addition to other signature items for various sponsors has taught him new mediums and skills to apply to his art work. Blending line drawings, spray paints, acrylics, oils, and digital painting.  


    “I don’t have a particular medium that I work in, but I think I do the best work with pen—line drawings—so I went that route with my first ski graphic. I also needed to learn Illustrator and Photoshop—and that process is still going on today and remains very consuming, because digital art is very different from drawing something on a piece of paper. As the years have progressed, I’ve taught myself more and more about different mediums, and digital painting.”

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